Residential Buy/Sell

We have every option for your choice. Prelaunch, Under Construction, Resale and much more


There are thousands of Builders, with zillions of good properties. On top of that there are tons of Resale properties, which are even better. It is very confusing for a Buyer (even seasoned buyers will vouch for it) to choose the ‘perfect’ home. We shall serve you end to end, in purchasing your dream home.
Once you have decided to buy a house for self or for investment, just give us call to 888-0-5555-88 or fill the form below or simply drop an email to, and within 30 minutes we shall revert.
It starts with quick conversation on topics like – your budget, preferred location, type of house (apartment, villa, plot etc), resale, prelaunch, Vastu, etc…
Once your requirement is registered with us, our research team starts researching on the best options available. They will put all your pre-conditions and filter among thousands, only those options which will be most optimal for your needs. We will send pictures and videos of the best options, to your email. You select top few from suggested options and we coordinate visit to those places at your convenient time.
Once you conclude on the option, we help you complete all the gruelling formalities, legal, paper works, loan arrangement etc.


Selling a house can be very very tedious and lengthy. There are millions of new, resale properties competing with your property, which potentially takes off the buyers attention, from your property. And it can be very tiring to answer hundreds of questions, coordinating the visits, legal paperworks etc.
We are here to make your property selling experience a very smooth one and we are just a phone call/ click away. Spare few minutes with us, and we will help you sell your property with least hassle. Our ‘standard’ process is given below:
Once you have decided to sell your property, just give us call to us at 888-0-5555-88 or fill the form below or simply drop a mail to, and we shall revert within 30 minutes.
It starts with quick conversation on smaller topics like – house and door direction, various assets like furniture, etc. that you plan to provide along as part, number of parking etc. And eventually the target price you have in mind for the house.
We do quick analysis of the current state of the house (If it needs painting, seepage work, wood polish etc, we do provide those facilities, for outstation landlords –> 5-10 days) –> 30-60 min.
We do a comprehensive ‘equivalent availability’ search in nearby properties – both ‘old’ and especially new projects. We draft a rationale ‘deck’ for what should be your likely prices depending on ‘your hurry’ index, combined with ‘local scenario’ and our research, and send it for your review–> 2-5 days.
We work with you on how to ‘present’ the house in the market. We apply obviously tricks and tips to make your house look the best. We conclude together on overall plan and actions (Smaller things like expert pictures, painting, cleaning etc i.e. the “overall projection” of ‘house’ will keep happening in the background, during this period) –> 30-60 min.
Once you have concluded on the price, your property is assigned to our strong backend and marketing team to search appropriate buyers on the lookout for property matching yours.
We also immediately start publishing your properties in various media including print and internet forums/ portals, with our phone numbers –> 12-24 hours.
We attend all the calls and filter. Show buyers the videos and photos of the house etc. Align all physical visit/ inspections, as per your/ tenants family convenience, with least time covering maximum buyers. If no one is staying in the house, we typically keep the key in safe custody and manage –> 1- 30 days.
Finally, we bring serious buyers for direct face to face with you.
We help with and complete all the gruelling formalities/ paper works, loan arrangement etc. with buyer, and reach back to you only for your signature –> 10 – 60 days.
Typically 30-90 days for complete transaction including bank loan for the buyer, sale deed registration etc. Extendable, if both buyer and seller have understanding to extend for valid reasoning.


The beautiful part of our service is, We do not charge you except Resale ,where you will be charge with 1% of sale value.

Other Services

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Commercial Buy / Sell

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Commercial Rentals

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